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Transportation to Camp
With your own vehicle

Whatever you travel by bike, motorcycle , quad, buggy , camping car, 4x4, regular car , bus or truck, you can access our Bedouin Camp  from National 1 by a 4 km track in good shape, all year round.

Our camp is about 7 hours drive from Agadir, 3 hours from Tan Tan  and 1/ 2 hour from Laayoune .

Refer to "Our contact details " for more information on the route and access to the Camp.


With a rental car
If you do not have your own vehicle, it is best to rent one in Agadir : many agencies offer for a Logan an avantageous price of around 40 € per day. You will then be autonomous to get to our camp at your own pace and enjoy the sights en route .

Allow 7-8 hours drive from Agadir to the Camp, all along the National 1 . See " Our contact details " for information on the location of our Camp.

Once at the Camp , you can rent a 4x4 with driver to make some trips around, especially to the dunes. We recommend you to book this kind of service in advance.

You could also rent a 4x4 to one of Agadir agencies at a much higher price then (around 100 € per day ) , allowing you then to make yourself rides in 4x4 in the surrounding desert and why not to drive on some tracks to vary the route between Agadir and our Camp.
By plane

If you have limited time, a limited financial budget or if you do not want to be wasting time driving in Morocco , the ideal is undoubtedly to fly up to Laayoune, so to find yourself just 25 minutes from our Camp. We can arrange with us transport from the airport of Laayoune .

Coastal Sahara Desert is certainly the only desert directly accessible by plane : enjoy it !

There are regular lines with Royal Air Morocco from Casablanca or Agadir. From Agadir , flights on Tuesday or Friday (same to return ); they last barely an hour and cost about 100 € each way.

You can also fly from Brussels or Paris via Casablanca up to Laayoune with the same company .

Finally, there remains the possibility of flying from  Canary Islands to

See also  " Our tips ".

By grand taxi

Our customers do not often use this mode of transport , but it is a cheap solution ! From Agadir center or more likely Inezgane (city right next Agadir ), large taxis connect major cities together . You may have to change in Guelmim or in Tan Tan  : we do not know at this time if a direct link exists between Agadir and Laayoune, so better ask in Agadir.

Attention ! Taxis depart as soon as they are complete : ie six passenger seats .  With 6 people in the taxi, you will be packed like sardines and the journey will be rahter difficult. I suggest you pay for one more place in the grand taxi and have your ease. The ticket price is often close to the bus one.

By organizing with us in advance , we can tell you where to get down from the taxi so that we pick you up
close to our access road, and so you do not need to go up unnecessarily to Laayoune.

By bus

In Agadir, or more accurately in Inzegane center ( adjacent town ), you can easily find several bus companies located close to each other ( Supratours and CTM in particular) that can lead you directly to Laayoune.

The price is about 20 € . Most departures are in the evening ( 5-6 departures at least ), but the CTM offers one more start at around 8am in the morning. The journey takes all night , with a break in Akhfenir .

Attention, all companies do not agree to stop
and drop you in Daoura, the village near our Camp  : check with each agency. It is much better to be able to do so and then for someone from our team to come pick you up on the National road.

With one of our 4x4 with driver

Subject to availability and to booking well in advance, you could use one of our 4x4 with driver to go to the Bedouin Camp . But this is probably the most expensive formula , given the number of kilometers and the number of days of immobilization of our 4x4 . However, this is certainly the most flexible and most comfortable formula : you can then plan your journey and itinerary as your desire, we can make as many stops as you wish , you could even make detours and discover remote places !

Once at the Camp , you still enjoy the 4x4 to make excursions around . All without worrying about driving , police checks , etc. .

The price depends obviously on the route chosen, the number of people and the length of rental. It is best to consult us on a case by case basis , even if we post on our web sites (Hors Circuit and Bedouin Camp) rental rates by the day.