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The Bedouin camp (Luc and Hafida). BP 830, 70001 Laayoune
GSM +212 (0) 661 09 06 04, e-mail:, http:
November 2010: Luc and Martine Requile retire and sell their property to Luc (Tromme) and his Berber wife Hafida. Welcome to the new owners, hoping they will run the place with the spirit that prevailed here over the past years.

July 2011: Luc and Hafida have set up a new website ,  detailing all the proposed activities. Do not hesitate to have a look at it....

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Auberge Les Terrasses de l'Atlas in Afensou, north of Taroudant

One hour by  4x4 from Taroudant, at km 33 (“Pistes du Maroc”,  volume 1, N1 route)
Luc and his Berber wife, Hafida, welcome you in a nice old house on the slopes of Jebel Aoulime (altitude 850 m) on the southern foothills of the High Atlas. The place has been refurbished to welcome you in the best conditions of comfort.

Address: Hors Circuit Sàrl, BP 434, 83000 Taroudant, email:

Capacity for 12 people in 6 bedrooms (3 en suite, with shower and WC). Berber hammam and many panoramic terraces to relax.
Half board for two (drinks included): 800 dh. Parking for 4x4.

Luc, a great lover of 4x4 tracks and user of the travel guides "Pistes du Maroc" is available to  inform you about local points of interest that he has discovered during his travels.
Comments: Few Europeans take the risk to move in the Atlas, even on major tourist routes. At "Les Terrasses de l'Atlas", the DPM will be welcomed as friends by a passionate off-road driver (both 4x4 and quad). A good reason to get there to discover the tracks south of the foothills of the Western High Atlas (Seksaoua chain).

Please note that Luc just bought the camping Le Roi Bédouin  on the road to the far South, 25 km before Laayoune.

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Camp Bédouin
87000 Laayoune, Western Sahara

Ranked # 1 of 2 accommodations in Laayoune
Rated 4.5 / 5
"A unique experience in the desert!"  January 6, 2012 – Carine Wijffels
"Excelente estancia" April 27, 2012 - Ruta47

Author: Emile VERHOOSTE
Le Roi Bédouin campsite

A few kilometers from Wadi Fatma, you will encounter the first duty free petrol  stations, GPS point. 28 ° 10 47 'N - 11 ° 52, 93' W

Tarfaya is not an interesting city. It is very inhospitable, avoid it ! But 40 kilometers before Laayoune, a little further after the village of Daoura and three large antennas on the left of the road, do not miss the track on the right with the sign “Camp Bédouin”
There are new property owners : Luc (Tromme) replaces another Luc (Requile) , a Belgian replaces another Belgian! A 4 km track (with no problem) and you will get there.

This site is great, with extremely clean sanitary and hot shower (but do not abuse of it though).  This is a complete  change of scenery, with wonderful places to discover around. Camping : all inclusive for 70 dirhams. You can eat in the ceremonial Bedouin tent at quite acceptable prices (70 dirhams menu) especially when you consider the quality of the meal. Budget 75 dh to 120 dh to sleep in a bedouin tent and an additional 10 to 30 dh to get blankets and mattresses.

In addition, the spot is great. However think to fill up with water and electricity before you go, but if you have some small problems, Luc will be happy to help you out.
Installed at the edge of the depression of a salt Lake, this campground offers a stunning landscape, almost lunar.
There are countless walks and 4x4 trails around. With a 4x4 you could even  find a path through the dunes to get to the sea (Luc will inform you).
Other good points : the welcoming (what a happiness), the peace, the maintenance of the place, the salty waterfall
Bad points : no electricity (but the new owner has installed a generator), salt water (but soon possible water tank)

When you arrive to Laayoune you'll be faced with police check points : if you have prepared your forms, no problem, you'll cross after a few minutes. The city offers little interest, except to buy food , (many shops in the center) or  find anything else (even French newspapers). Attention : shops are almost all closed from 1 pm to 4 - 5 pm.


Located on the N 1, 3 km from  the village of Daoura. The 4.5 km track to the Camp  starts from WP  N 27 ° 26'32 "W-13 ° 01'18".

Camping WP : N 27 ° 27'43 " W 13 ° 03'06’’
Camping taken over by Luc and Hafida in 2011.
Camping in the wilderness, close to a salt lake.
Rental of furnished Khaimas.
Thirty stabilized places for camping.
No electricity for refrigerators or PC. Often windy.
Spring water, slightly salted.
Two bathrooms comprising a total of 3 hot showers and 4 toilets.
Two sinks for washing.
Septic tank.
Restaurant in a ceremonial tent.
The culinary specialties of Hafida should please you.

Administrative Region:
Depends on the administrative region of Laayoune-Boujdour
province of Laayoune.

Location and surroundings:
The site is rather a milestone for us and for DPM.
Recommended stop for camping cars on the way to Dakhla.
From the camping, great view on the sebkha Oum Dba and Mount Gara. On your
right, take a look at the waterfall, which can become a torrent when it rains. Possibility of organizing expeditions around with 4X4 and guide, especially to cross the dunes and reach the ocean shipwrecks. Good place for lovers of authenticity and calm.
Canyon of Khawi Nam, Naila Lagoon, rock carvings of Seguiet El Hamra : there is plenty to do for two weeks!

The climate of the Sahara region south of Morocco is marked by sunny days and cool nights. Rainfall is very rare and irregular rains can occur in the form of very brutal showers. The influence of the ocean explains the relative humidity in the atmosphere; mist and fog are common on the coast. This moisture directly influences temperatures; gradually as one moves away from the coast,
the maximum temperature will increase while the minimum one will decrease.

Comments: Several activities are offered : camel, 4x4 tours.
A small water tower should be built soon.

The Lonely Planet


On the right after Tarfaya, Tah and Daoura, a good 4 km trail, accessible to any vehicle, will bring you to the edge of the sebkha where Luc and Martine have established their structure, opened in 2000. Good food cooked by Martine, including the camel with dates (75 DH) or poultry fat liver. From the camping, great view on the sebkha Oum Dba and Mount Gara. Good place for lovers of authenticity and calm.

Camping-Car Magazine n° 248

Campsites in Morocco: 5 favorite sites selected by

The Bedouin Camp in Daoura. This is a forgotten corner of the desert, not far from the Atlantic, where Luc and Hafida bought this tent camp, located on the edge of the waterfall of the Oum Dba sebkha. The owners of this land, equipped to accommodate a dozen campers, are conducting technical and culinary improvements. Meals are served under a ceremonial tent and include dishes with fresh goat cheese from the herd. A place at the end of the world, ideal for enjoying the desert.

By Emile Verhooste