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The camp situation

What about wild camping in the dunes of the coastal Sahara in the south of Morocco ? or would you prefer our more comfortable Bedouin tents in our desert Camp ?


The Camp has been built on the edge of a salty depression (“sebkha”).  A sebkha is characterized by its steep and sandy bluffs and a salty and humid bottom. An immense groundwater table lies right under the camping. It gives birth to a perennial source and a narrow stream that border our campsite. They feed a small waterfall and lush greenery, which merge with the bottom of the depression.

The advance of the desert however leads to the formation of areas of barkhanes (isolated dunes moving with the wind), more and more numerous, transforming the area into a real desert of sand. They constitute as many more wild bivouac places for amateurs of tranquility and authenticity as peaceful picnic spots.

A small table mountain lies in the bottom of the depression, right in the middle of it, offering extraordinary views over the salty area, the dunes and the sandy cliffs.

All these places offer many opportunities for easy hiking.