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The Western Sahara

From the Bedouin Camp, you can discover an incredible variety of natural sites.

    -  the sebkha of Oum Dba
    -  the dunes of Tarfaya
    -  the long beach from Tarfaya to Laayoune
    -  the sebkha of Tah
    -  the lagoon of Naila
    -  the gueltas of Khawi Nam

The sebkha of Oum Dba

The sebkha of Oum Dba spreads at the foot of the Bedouin Camp, with the Mount Gara in its center. The walls of the depression are licked by sand while the background is sometimes muddy and sometimes salty. The color contrasts are amazing and the quiet wilderness of the place confusing. Long walks on foot or by 4x4 allow to discover the contrasts of that rugged region.

The dunes of Tarfaya

From the Cape of Tarfaya up the great city of Laayoune, for one hundred kilometers, the coastal plain is covered with an infinity of barchans, these crescent-shaped dunes moving with the wind. Here and there, Sahrawi lead their herds of camels and goats in the maze of dunes. This vast desert stretches between the Atlantic coast and the highway, very close to the Bedouin Camp. An immense area which allows exotic and unusual bivouacs.

The long beach from Tarfaya to Laayoune

All along the pretty wild coast, a huge beach connects the two towns of Tarfaya and Laayoune. At low tide it is possible to drive over tens of kilometers on the beach, lined with fishing shacks. In the village of Amgriou, algae is collected and dried, then sold in the United States to the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry. Swimming is quite conceivable, amid a few wrecks of trawlers and other vessels that have not been able to avoid the bad currents at Cape Juby.

The sebkha of Tah

The sebkha of Tah, nearby our Bedouin Camp, is one of the most significant depressions with a negative altitude of nearly 100 meters below sea level! From the edge of its cliffs, the show is great and mesmerizing. On a salty background, the dunes just lean against the steep walls and the jagged edges of the depression, in a stunning color contrast. Nothing more exciting than bivouac under the sea level at the right middle of this immensity!

The lagoon of Naïla

Again and again superb dunes but this time separating a vast lagoon from the ocean. Classified nature park, this place contrasts with the rest of the region by the abundance of water and marine fauna. The attraction is to go on board a fishing boat and try to fish. Then have a barbecue of fresh fish on a pristine beach

The gueltas of Khawi Nam
This circuit, which totals 125 kms of tracks and off road, alone justifies a trip to Western Sahara. Off the beaten track, the 4x4 is sinking inside the desert country on the banks of salt depressions to reach an unexpected spectacular canyon through which flows a salty and ferruginous waterfall. The succession of levels down the canyon forms one of the most impressive sites south of the Draa. Former military combat zone with the Polisario, some fortifications surround this strategic location and give the whole a great atmosphere. Halfway through, you could get lost in the maze of another area of ocher barchans; one ends up losing even the north as nature plays with curves and levels of depression. A great moment in the desert, far from absolutely everything and everyone.