The South West of Morocco

Whether you come to Morocco

    - with your own vehicle (motorcycle, car, 4x4, motorhome) via Tangier, Ceuta or other
    - by plane to Agadir or Marrakech and then rent your own vehicle
    - by plane to Agadir or Marrakech then travel with one of our 4x4 with driver
    - by air directly to Laayoune in
the heart of Western Sahara to be welcomed by the local Bedouin Camp team

discover the diversity and authenticity of the southwest region of Morocco:

    -  the beaches of the Atlantic coast,
    - the deserts of Western Sahara,
    - Berber villages of the southern slopes of the High Atlas,
    - mountain oases of the Anti-Atlas.

From Agadir, organize by yourself or through our Hors Circuit agency a loop that may include :
    -  the city of Taroudant and Berber villages of the High Atlas (accommodation: Les Terrasses de l'Atlas)
    -  beaches and natural arches of Legzira (accommodation: Les 3 Chameaux or the Auberge Beach Club)
    -  the dunes of the White Beach (accommodation: Fort Bou Jerif or Ksar Tafnidilt)
    -  gorges, mountain oasis and agadirs of the Anti-Atlas (accommodation: On Dirait Le Sud or Borj Biramane)
    -  dunes deserts and saline depressions of the Western Sahara (accommodation: The Bedouin Camp)


Les Terrasses de l'Atlas (Taroudant and Berber villages of the High Atlas)

At the foot of Jebel Aoulime culminating at 3500 m and overlooking the walled city of Taroudant, the traditional village of Afensou and its mountain oasis welcomes close to its perennial spring the guesthouse of Les Terrasses de l'Atlas. Luc and Hafida offer an authentic way of living Morocco far from crowds and hordes of tourists. Their world feels good unpublished Berber tagines , includes unique panoramic rooms, offers relaxing 180-degree scenery, allows to entertain you in a thousand ways at your own pace and according to your wishes. Crazy altitude trekking, wild camping by waterfalls, exploring the villages of the high valleys amid walnut and almond trees, new encounters in a typical mountain bazaar, swimming in the river basins, picnic in the bucolic  Tamdousnous gorges, great descents by mountain bike, ... there's something for every taste. Everybody goes back there!

Les 3 Chameaux (beaches and arches of Legzira)

With a superb panoramic view of the small seaside town of Mirleft and the ocean, Les 3 Chameaux is a hotel of great comfort and safe bet, wisely built in an old fort of the Légion Etrangère. Good and neat restaurant, pool, hammam,  upscale rooms and suites  enhance your stay in the deep south if you are looking for above average performance or a comfortable relaxing before returning home! Very close, the beach of Mirleft, that of Sidi Mohamed or better yet the ones of Legzira where a succession of four natural arches put one foot in the ocean.

Auberge Beach Club (beaches and arches of Legzira)

A simple hostel, but clean and pleasant, feet in water. Of both sides, long and wild beaches of sand, and natural arches plunging into the Atlantic. A good fish barbecue at sunset on the terrace, romance guaranteed!

Fort Bou Jerif (dunes of the White Beach)

In the middle of nowhere and in the heart of the arid Anti Atlas, Bou Jerif wants to revive the atmosphere of the Légionnaires fort nearby. Forms of accommodation for every budget, a neat restaurant, a clean pool. An essential stop on the way to the White Beach and the Western Sahara.

Ksar Tafnidilt (dunes of the White Beach)

At the end of the White Beach and midway of Western Sahara, Ksar Tafnidilt provides a comfortable step and multiple hosting solutions to suit everyone. Close to the Fort Tafnidlit and a few kilometers from the mouth of the Oued Draa.

On Dirait Le Sud (oasis in the Anti-Atlas)
A simple inn, which has various forms of accommodation and a nice cooking by Abdou. Located at the entrance to the gorge of Amtoudi, this very friendly place is an ideal base for exploring beautiful agadirs, strolling in the gardens of the oasis, swim at gueltas. A true postcard scenery!

The Bedouin Camp (dunes and depressions of Western Sahara)

At the heart of Western Sahara, The Bedouin Camp offers accommodation that could not be more original in a breathtaking setting. Away from the hordes and in the land of silence, the place invites to meditation as well as exploration. Very close, countless dunes, an endless beach, sandy and saline depressions of great beauty, canyons, lagoons, rock art sites, ... The desert with all its diversity.