Standard panoramic bedouin tents

The Camp has three caidal tents which, thanks to their traditional style, give themselves the charm to the whole site.

They are well insulated from each other for your peace. Each dominates the edge of the sebkha, overlooking the salt lake, with a breathtaking view that can be enjoyed inside through a large window.

Built with solid walls and a roof with a metal frame, the Bedouin tent perfectly resists wind, sand infiltration and rare rains, unlike
most Moroccan agencies camps made ​​of goat and dromedary canvas. The latter also offer no protection against crawling and flying insects, not to mention the total lack of privacy due to an alignment of tents against each other!

Thanks to a limited furnishing, you can enjoy a lot of space depending on the number of people you want to host. A tent can accommodate up to five people. Mattresses on the floor mats are the standard. Full bedding can be obtained in addition unless you'd rather use your own. The accommodation has an economic lighting.

This form of tent is completely original and unique to Morocco.