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A separate concrete building, with two distinctive premises, includes at present three showers, a private space with sink,  three European toilets, a Turkish toilet and various sinks. The sanitation can absorb up to 60 users. Note that the camp has once hosted 120 campers without having a problem!

The building is held each day as clean as possible, according to European standards.

The cold fresh water, from a source in close proximity, is slightly salty. The salt content, three times less than that of seawater, allows pleasant and abundant
cool showers, with unlimited water!

The presence of salt does not allow to equip the bathrooms with water heaters ! An original installation of solar water heating has been provided, however, albeit limited in proportions. Dozens of daily showers are possible if there has been a minimum insolation (which is the case most of the year) and provided moderate use by your predecessors. Because of these technical limitations, hot showers are free.

The installation was carried out almost exclusively with pvc, greatly limiting rust and therefore malfonctionnements.

An efficient lighting is provided throughout the night.

By 2013 we plan to triple the capacity of rooms with private bathrooms.