Comfortable panoramic bedouin tents

A fourth caidal tent has seen its interior fitted more comfortably, with real beds, quality mattresses, impeccable bedding, more furniture and nice decoration.

As for the other three
standard Bedouin tents , it is well isolated from others for your serenity. It also dominates the edge of the sebkha, overlooking the salt lake, with a breathtaking view that can be enjoyed inside through a large window.

Also built with solid walls and a roof with a metal frame, the Bedouin tent perfectly resists wind, sand infiltration and rare rains, unlike the camps of local
Moroccan agencies with canvas made ​​of goat and camel. The latter do also offer no protection against flying or crawling insects, not to mention the total lack of privacy due to the alignment of the tents against each other!

The ideal to perk up after a long drive or large stretches of rough track!

Three new luxury
caida tents, this time featuring private sanitation facilities, will be launched by 2013 in the hills of the Camp, in a sandy area. Always with a great view over the sebkha Oum Dba.