Campsites for motorhomes
The two main stabilized camping areas can accommodate up to two dozen campers.

Access to the camp since the paved road is possible by an easy and not too chaotic trail, provided traveling at lower speeds on this stretch of 4.5 km. Only a heavy rain can make the passage impracticable, theoretically what happens once a year for one to three days. The weather is very predictable, however, depending on wind direction: a phone call prior to our Camp will suffice to inform you of the good condition of the track (recommended from mid-November to mid-February only). We strive to maintain and continually improve the track. In any case, many are already motorhomes of all types to reach our campsite!

Until 2011, there was no connection to electricity, the Camp being located far from any infrastructure and in the desert; our generators did not allow adequate supplies to do so. From 2012, the situation has been reversed! The Camp has now a new
generators room, located further back so as not to threaten the tranquility of the premises, a new more powerful group able to feed yourself, a system of terminals and electrical connections ensuring you electricity when desired. Dear friends, the Bedouin Camp invests  for you! But please ask the reception to be connected, as we only use our more powerful group when needed.

Similarly, until 2011, there was no possibility of obtaining supplies of potable water, except to go to fill up to the
Saharawi village of Daroua located about ten kilometers from the camp. Now we are moving steadily freshwater by ourselves per tank of  thousand liters each, devoted primarily to preparing your meals and hot drinks. But also to your replenishment: we are to do just finishing the renovation of our water tower and installation of terminals.

You can dispose wastewater in a pit equipped for that purpose, and to rinse with salt water.