Campsites for 4x4 and tents

The camping area itself covers over two hectares and in any place offers an incomparable view of the Sebkha Oum Dba.

You have the freedom to position your place of bivouac wherever you want, be it a large square flattened for this purpose in the immediate vicinity of the sanitation ("main camping area"), a second
stabilized space which is located on the other side of the restaurant tent at the very edge of the sebkha ("secondary camping area") or sandy locations barely developed that can provide more isolation and feeling of being immersed in the wilderness ("camping areas isolated No. X")! Peace and quiet guaranteed even in the presence of other customers ...

On the main camping area, a stone wall is raised for campers with tents for protection from the wind.

Access to the Camp is available all year round, even during or after the rare winter rains.