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Trekking in Western Sahara
The dunes trek
   4 days and 3 nights - from 195 to 275 € / pers  

A pleasant mix of sand desert and sand beaches ... Go through the maze of coastal dunes stretching between our camp and the ocean. Then walk along the sea to reach the village of seaweed collectors. Total immersion in the Sahara desert with probably unforgettable bivouacs.

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Bedouin Camp - Amgriou plain - Atlantic Beach - Bedouin Camp 
Highlights Information
  • Crossing the maze of dunes (called 'barchan')
  • Bivouacs in the desert
  • Unplanned visit the camps of herders of camels
  • Meeting of collectors of algae in Amgriou
  • Long walks on the Atlantic beach

Departure: Bedouin Camp

Km walk: about 120
Difficulty: for all
Period: from january to december
Age: from 12
  • based on 2 participants: 275 € / pers (TTC)
  • based on 4 participants: 195 € / person (TTC)
Allowed number of participants
  • max 8
  • min 2
  • supervision by a 4x4 with driver / guide
  • all the logistics necessary to your meals and bivouacs in total autonomy
  • rental of full camping equipment
  • all meals (from lunch on the first day till lunch on the fourth day)
  • non-alcoholic beverages at will
  • exclusive: no other customer present
  • taxes
  • tips
  • accommodation in our Camp before or after the trek

Distance: The distance (about 100 km) can vary considerably if you choose to cross barchans rather than going around them. The realization of this exclusive trek allows great flexibility in the layout of the program each day. In addition, the proximity of the 4x4 allows at any time any trekker to suspend its progression if desired.

Terrain: mostly flat. Firm ground, rocky and sometimes very stony with frequent sandy passages. Climbing dunes can be grueling, but, most of the time, these passages are insubstantial and can be bypassed.

Difficulty: Only the weather can greatly increase the difficulty of the trek. Depending on their intensity, wind, sand, heat can sometimes allow easy walking sometimes cause discomfort and require a strong adjustment to the program.

  • Departure from our Bedouin Camp
  • Long way on the cliff of the Oum Dba sebkha
  • Wilderness of the barchans area
  • Meet semi-nomadic Sahrawi (depending on the season and the chance!)
  • Wild camping in the dunes

  • Progress in the dunes
  • Crossing the Amgriou plain 
  • Visit the village of seaweed gatherers Amgriou
  • Progression to the south on the beach along the ocean
  • Establishment of a wild camp on the edge of the ocean

  • Continued progression on the beach
  • Meet the fishermen
  • Heading east towards the first barchan dunes
  • Establishment of a wild camp in the barchans

  • Free Morning: enjoy your bivouac in the dunes!
  • Afternoon: continue the trek through the dunes to the Bedouin Camp

(*) Program given as an indication, arranged according to your preferences and local constraints