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The strength of Hors Circuit and Bedouin Camp is to provide treks that can be fully tailored to your desires and to your abilities. We do not plan treks at specific dates hoping to gather a maximum of participants! Our formulas are rather ‘exclusive’.

Exclusivity and tailoring allow a lot of flexibility and tranquility. And it is especially well adapted to the specific Saharan environment : the unpredictable weather on the coast, that can quickly become painful if you are not used to it, and the nature of the terrain, to which you are most likely not used at all, can affect any trekker in very different ways and require adaptation of the program at any time. Walking a mile in the desert cannot be compared with thousand meters in our European forests ... So take advantage of the flexibility that we do offer in order to live an unforgettable trek far away from the hordes and deeply immersed in the true desert.

Another specificity of Hors Circuit: the quality of our logistics. Unlike other agencies, we do not make treks in star or loop from a base camp, for which the assistance of a camel is sufficient for carrying the luggage. We do like to offer at the end of your walking day a bit of well-being, such as a shower, a good meal and your favorite drinks (cool!). We prefer to zap some uninteresting sections if necessary and to allow you to take a little breath by travelling in our 4x4 to get the next hiking site. We are then able to provide much more diversity during your trek. Therefore, we usually support all our treks by 4x4 with all the logistics necessary to organize picnics and bivouacs in total autonomy in the desert. You only see the 4x4 when you want or at breaks. Thanks to such type of assistance, you can precisely achieve the desired flexibility and request any necessary or desired change to the initial program.

On the financial side, the offered assistance and flexibility obviously have a cost, especially when you are for example only two to attend a trek. This is the price for flexibility, authenticity, diversity, a certain comfort ... and security.

The treks described in this section are departing from our Bedouin Camp. But we can also organize any other starting point at your request, as a departure from Marrakech or Agadir or integration into a larger tour.

The gueltas of Khaoui Nam trek
4 days and 3 nights - 235 to € 315 / pers
Who would expect such an extraordinary site in this arid area ? And extraordinary, it is more than one way, as for the size of canyons, beautiful waterfalls, the color of the dunes, the strangeness of the place and its remoteness. One of the most beautiful places in the Moroccan Sahara,...
The trek of the sebkhas
4 days and 3 nights - from 215 to 295 € / pers
There are few treks down to below the level of the sea! Here is one, thanks to the fertile imagination of Hors Circuit and Bedouin Camp’s team ......
The dunes trek
4 days and 3 nights - from 195 to 275 € / pers
A pleasant mix of sand desert and sand beaches ... Go through the maze of coastal dunes stretching between our camp and the ocean. Then walk along the sea to reach the village of seaweed collectors. Total immersion in the Sahara desert with probably unforgettable bivouacs....