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The musts of Hors Circuit in 10 days (from Agadir)
   10 days - 937,5 € per pers  

Probably our favorite circuit because it allows us to let you discover our range of Hors Circuit  accommodations and to completely disconnect in our exceptional places unknown to the general public. An excellent mix of mountains, sea and desert ...

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Agadir - Tafnidilt - Akhfenir - Laayoune - Sidi Ifni - Taroudant - Afensou - Agadir 
Highlights Information

  •  gueltas of Khaoui Nam
  • wild camp overlooking the Khaoui Nam canyon
  • crossing dune fields
  • discovery of sebkhas
  • meeting fishermen, algae collectors, camel herders, Berber farmers 
  • tranquility of our Bedouin Camp
  • landscapes of the High Atlas
  • our varied and original cooking
  • swimming in the small gorges of Tamdousnous

  • Departure: Taroudant, Agadir
  • Accommodation: simple (4 n), comfortable (4 n), bivouac (1 n)
  • Total Km: 1750
  • Km on tracks: 350
  • Min age: 7 years
  • Period: all year

    937.5 €/ person if 4 participants
    1,190 €/ person if 2 participants

Allowed number of participants

    max 12
    min 1


    + 30 € for accommodation in comfortable Bedouin tent at Bedouin Camp’s
    + 60 € for accommodation in guest room with bathroom at Bedouin Camp’s


    children 0-6 years - 75%
    Children 7-12 years - 50%
    children 13-17 years - 20%


  • rental of  a 4x4 with driver equipped for the desert, gasoline and insurance
  • accommodation as described
  • rental of full bivouac equipment
  • all meals
  • non-alcoholic beverages at will in Afensou
  • visits and activities in Afensou
  • exclusivity
  • taxes
  • tips

  • plane ticket
  • drinks (except soft drinks in Afensou)
Program (from Agadir)

The proposed program below is entirely adaptable to your wishes: let us know!

Day 1

  •  from Agadir, road to Tiznit with a possible break in the medina
  • way to Tan Tan and Guelmim
  • visit of the old fort of the Foreign Legion in Tafnidilt
  • half board (with bathroom) at Ksar Tafnidilt’s
Day 2

  • way to Akhfenir
  • relaxing break in an unspoilt beach on the way
  • 4x4 track in the Khaoui Nam sebkha
  • discovery of the Khaoui Nam waterfalls
  • wild camping overlooking the Khaoui Nam canyon
Day 3

  • 4x4 driving along the canyon
  • crossing an area of ​​dunes
  • climbing a high barchan dune
  • way to Tarfaya and improvised tea break among fishermen
  • way to Daoura and Bedouin Camp accommodation in a standard Bedouin tent
  • camel barbecue
Day 4

  • discovery of the Oum Dba sebkha, with short walks as interest
  • panoramic promontory over the huge Tah sebkha 
  • picnic at the bottom of the depression
  • same accommodation at Bedouin Camp’s
Day 5

  • day  excursion by 4x4 into the desert bordering the Bedouin Camp
  • driving off-road through the maze of barchan dunes
  • impromptu meeting of camel breeders, depending on the season
  • meeting of seaweed collectors in the village of Amgriou
  • driving on the beach at low tide
  • meeting the fishermen
  • return back to the Camp through a sandy area
  • same accommodation at Bedouin Camp’s
Day 6

  • road north to Akhfenir
  • short boat ride on the Naila lagoon
  • visit of a saline
  • road to Guelmim, then to Sidi Ifni, a former Spanish enclave
  • discovery on foot of natural arches at Legzira
  • accommodation (with small bathroom and sea view) at the Beach Club Inn on the beach
Day 7

  • coastal road to Mirleft to visit an old fort
  • coastal road to Aglou
  • road to Taroudant
  • carriage ride around the walls of Taroudant
  • panoramic 4x4 track to the Berber village of Afensou in the High Atlas
  • comfortable accommodation in our Berber guesthouse Les Terrasses de l’Atlas (room with bathroom, terrace, air conditioning, heating)



Day 8

  • full day walking tour through the gardens of our mountain oasis
  • barbecue and swimming in the gorges of Tamdousnous
  • tea with the locals
  • traditional hammam at our guesthouse
  • homemade couscous
  • same accommodation

Day 9

  • full day 4x4 tour and walk to the cascades of Issoual in the high valleys of almond and walnut trees at the foot of Jebel Aoulime (3500 m alt)
  • musical aperitif
  • tasting tagines and Moroccan wines
  • evening under our palm tree
  • same accommodation

Day 10

  • return to Taroudant by another road, through a multitude of Berber villages
  • visit the souks of Taroudant as you like (we will not take you into the shop of a friend to get a commission!)
  • lunch in Taroudant
  • return to Agadir