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The Bedouin journey in the Sahara, from Laâyoune
   one week – 660 €/pers   

An original and diversified one week tour from Laayoune, in the heart of the Sahara. Your program will be fully tailored to your wishes. Go straight in the desert and immerse yourself completely with Hors Circuit and the Bedouin Camp!

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Laayoune - Bedouin Camp - Akhfenir - Bedouin Camp - Laayoune 
Highlights Information
  • Tranquility and scenery at the Bedouin Camp’s by the Oum Dba sebkha
  • Dunes near the Bedouin Camp
  • 4x4 tracks in remote desert
  • Gueltas of Khawi Nam
  • Boat trip and picnic on the Naila Lagoon
  • Panoramas over the Tah depression
  • Bedouin Camp's imaginative cooking and wild Hors Circuit bivouacs
From: Laâyoune

bivouac : 1- 3 n

simple/comfortable : 4-6 n
Total km: 1100
Km on tracks: 300
Period: all year
Min age: 7 years
  • 660 € / pers (TTC), based on min 4 people
Allowed number of participants
  • max 8
  • min 1
  • circuit for 2 people only: + 220 € / pers
  • circuit for one single person: + 660 € / pers
  • 5 nights accommodation at Bedouin Camp’s in comfortable (rather than standard) Bedouin tent: + 50 € / pers
  • 5 nights accommodation at Bedouin Camp’s in our guest room: + 100 € / pers

  • Reduction per day without activity: - 50 € / pers (-70 € / person if circuit for 2,  -100 € / person if circuit for 1 person only)
  •  Children 0-6 years old: -75% ; 7-12 years old : - 50% ; 13-17 years old : - 20%

  • rental of 4x4 with driver and fuel
  • supervised daily activities
  • full board
  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • transfers with the airport of Laayoune
  • flights
Program* (eg from Laâyoune)

Book a flight to Laayoune from Paris or Brussels with Royal Air Morocco with a stop over in Casablanca. Go to the heart of the coastal Sahara for immediate immersion in the desert! Use our Bedouin camp for touring around, on board of one of our 4x4, and choose the program that suits you.


Day 1
  • Welcome at the airport of Laayoune
  • Transfer to our Bedouin Camp (40 min drive)
  • Accommodation in  Bedouin tent, with panoramic view over the salt lake
  • Depending on the time left, visiting the small waterfall near the camp and hike or 4x4 to the first dunes surrounding the camp
  • Bedouin dinner under the big tent
Day 2

  • Discovery by foot or 4x4 of the Oum Dba sebkha
  • Search flint, salt flowers, sand roses, etc..
  • Panoramic picnic in a cave on Mount Gara in the heart of the depression
  • Return by the sandy cliffs of the sebkha
  • Dinner and overnight at Bedouin Camp’s
Day 3

  •  track to the Tah Sebkha
  • discovery of the sebkha from a panoramic promontory
  • descent to the bottom of the sebkha below the level of the sea for a picnic
  • off-road across the field of barchans (isolated dunes) of the Amgriou plain
  • establishment of a wild bivouac in the dunes
Day 4

  • off-track to join the Atlantic coast
  • meeting with collectors of algae in the fishing village of Amgriou
  • 4x4 driving on the beach at low tide
  • off-track through the dunes to reach the Bédouin Camp
  • accommodation and dinner at Bedouin Camp’s
Day 5

  • road to Akhfenir
  • an hour ride by boat on the Naïla lagoon 
  • 4x4 track on the edges of the Khaoui Nam sebkha
  • discovery of the Khaoui Nam gueltas
  • wild camping overlooking the canyon
Day 6

  • tracks along the canyon
  • descent in the Khaoui Nam sebkha
  • crossing a field of dunes by 4x4
  • picnic in the middle of barchan dunes
  • climbing a high dune on foot
  • back to Bedouin Camp by road
  • accommodation and dinner at Bedouin Camp’s
Day 7

  • Transfer to the airport of Laayoune

(*) Program given as an indication, arranged according to your preferences and local constraints