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Tours by 4x4

In addition to the variety of tailor-made tours that our organization Hors Circuit presents on its main web site, we suggest below a few tours especially dedicated to coastal Sahara. Of course, these are only typical examples and it is up to you to determine for yourself the ideal characteristics of the circuit that you would like us to make up. Enjoy our total flexibility!

If the Sahara is not really the next door when we arrive in Agadir or Marrakech, it is still absolutely feasible to make the trip Marrakech or Agadir / Laayoune in a single (although long) day and it will leave all other days available on site to enjoy the beauty of the desert. If you have more than a week, it is quite feasible to split each trip in two or three steps to make a real discovery tour of southern Morocco. Finally, Royal Air Morocco offers from Brussels and Paris flights to Laayoune with a stop in Casablanca : it saves you from tedious car journeys and ensures a maximum of time on site. You choose the option that suits you best!

Moroccan Sahara is not yet proposed by any travel agency : we are really the only ones to know about it and to be able to organize entire tours in total autonomy in this area. Since we took over the  Bedouin Camp in 2011, we can now provide an ideal and very pleasant base to realize these circuits. In the travel guide books, you will not see any description of the beauties that the Moroccan Sahara offers : gueltas of Khaoui Nam, Naila Lagoon, saline depressions, the deserts of barchan dunes
and so on ...

The desert away from the crowds, away from everything, as you like it !

Wonders of the Sahara in 7 days (from Agadir)
7 days - from 675 € per person
From Agadir, we can offer the real Moroccan Sahara in just one week. We will let you adapt this tour  to your specifications. ...
The Bedouin journey in the Sahara, from Laâyoune
one week – 660 €/pers
An original and diversified one week tour from Laayoune, in the heart of the Sahara. Your program will be fully tailored to your wishes. Go straight in the desert and immerse yourself completely with Hors Circuit and the Bedouin Camp!...
The musts of Hors Circuit in 10 days (from Agadir)
10 days - 937,5 € per pers
Probably our favorite circuit because it allows us to let you discover our range of Hors Circuit  accommodations and to completely disconnect in our exceptional places unknown to the general public. An excellent mix of mountains, sea and desert ... ...
Hors Circuit musts over 12 days (from Marrakech)
12 days - from € 1275 per pers
A customized itinerary for those who like to land at Marrakech airport or want to discover the ancient imperial city, with the aim to find the best sites of southern Morocco away from the hordes and usual guided trips. A delicious mix of desert, cities, sea, mountain, so that it is essential...