Recreational activities

There is no age to have fun! Why not planning for yourself or for your children half a day (or more!) fun activities in the desert, a good way to fully appreciate the beauty and scenery of the Sahara?

Luc is full of imagination : he will help you to motivate the young to abandon their electronic games and cell phones in order to immerse themselves in the dunes by organizing challenges and games always in a good spirit. This is also a nice way to experience the desert, to enjoy wildlife and discover the unexpected facets of Sahara. Casually, every activity has some educational purpose: developing orientation skills, learning the techniques of signaling distress, discovering how to make bread in the sand, experiencing the difficulties to travel and live in the desert, developing the sense of observation, etc.

Blind volleyball over a dune net, address launch with a disc, manhunt in the labyrinth of the dunes, blind walking with compass, starting a fire with little vegetation available ... The list of possibilities is endless!

But Luc’s favorite events are undoubtedly the full burial in sand (for the bravest of you!) and the Bedouin fight with flour bullets (to play just before the evening shower!).

Note that all activities are offered à la carte and mutually agreed beforehand, that our organization is fully flexible and adapted to the specificities of everyone.