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One day trips
The coastal desert
   1 day - 45 € to 75 € / pers  

A thrilling foray into the desert dunes in the immediate vicinity of our Camp. A long drive on the Atlantic beach, with a stop at the village of seaweed collectors, called Amgriou.

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Bedouin Camp - Amgriou desertic plain - Atlantic Beach - Bedouin Camp 
Highlights Information

  • Views over the Oum Dba sebkha
  • Crossing the Amgriou barchans plain
  • Meeting seaweed collectors, fishermen, herders of camels
  • Camel barbecue in the wilderness
  • Driving on the beach at low tide

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Km on tracks: 75 to 100

  • if 2 participants: 75 € or 750 dhs
  • if 4 participants: 45 € or 450 dhs

  • barbecue lunch
Program *

If feasible on a half-day, it is preferable to go for a whole day: although the distances are not large, because the average speed is very low, therefore the time spent in a 4x4 will be quite long enough. It's nice to split this journey with different stops.

About fifteen miles between our camp and the Atlantic Ocean beaches. Between the two, a sea of ​​dunes on which we must navigate. The labyrinth of barchan dunes demand crossing a few small sandy ridges but also sometimes to turn back when you fall on a cul de sac that did not exist a few weeks earlier! Along the way, we stop to climb a high dune, to say hello to a nomad camp or to contemplate a nonchalant herd of camels.

Once arrived at the coast, at low tide you can drive for twenty miles to the beach. Careful swimming, tea with fishermen, looking for shells, watching migratory birds, will punctuate our progress.

You decide where then organize the camel barbecue that we offer for lunch: on the beach, in the dunes, in the company of a fisherman?

Arrival at the strange fishing village of Amgriou : it is also an important center for collecting seaweed for export (pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries). Here and there, brown algae are dried in circular enclosures.

Depending on the progress of the day, we can head up to Tarfaya (Cape Juby). A small sleepy town, keeping little record of its colonial Spanish past. The sand is everywhere, covering the seafront walk and often impeding access to the harbor. A former Spanish counter still stands proudly on the waves.

To get back to the Camp, we recommend to sink back into the desert and find our way through the dunes to the edge of the Oum Dba depression, marking the hedge of our Camp. After all, you have come so far to enjoy the desert, right?

(*) Program given as an indication, arranged according to your preferences and local constraints