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One day trips
Tah desert
   1 day - 45 to 75 € / pers  

A trip off the beaten tracks along the impressive Tah depression.

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Bedouin Camp - Tah depression - desert in the north of Tah - Bedouin Camp 
Highlights Information
  • Grandiose panoramas over the sebkha
  • Walk down under the sea level
  • Barbecue in the dunes
  • Immersion in the desert bordering the sebkha
Departure: Bedouin Camp
Period: January to December
  • if two participants: 75 € or 750 dhs
  • if 4 participants: 45 € or 450 dhs

(barbecue lunch included)

Nombre participants
  • max 8
  • min 4
  • At its far end, that is to say in the East, the Tah sebkha is surrounded by an ocean of dunes where driving becomes very technical and navigation an issue despite the gps. The intensity of the dunes (that move fast in the area swept by the coastal winds), the temperature rise make planning an excursion by 4x4 impossible in detail. Insofar as we do not venture in the company of a second vehicle, the principle of this day of discovery must remain a modest approach of the desert, not risky and groping. I compare this strongly sandy area easily to a sort of Bermuda Triangle of the Sahara. Homes are nonexistent, nomads rare, tracks constantly erased.

    The best way to discover this desert, if you can afford both the time and resources, is to organize through us a mini trip over two days, with wild camping. The 4x4 allows us to approach the area and establish a base camp, then progress on foot to enjoy more mobility in the dunes themselves. For those who still seek the authentic adventure and virgin land!

(*) Program given as an indication, arranged according to your preferences and local constraints