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One day trips
Gueltas of Khaoui Nam
   2 days - 125 to € 190 / pers  

Our favorite 4x4 raid! Tracks and off-track progress in strange landscapes. Diversity is complete, the succession of curious sebkhas, deep gorges, colorful waterfalls, beautiful dune areas. A wild camp overlooking the gueltas in absolute tranquility ensure a total immersion in desert areas.

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Bedouin Camp - Akhfenir - sebkha Khaoui Nam - gueltas Khaoui Nam - Nam Khaoui dunes - Bedouin Camp 
Highlights Information
  • Vast and strange panoramas over the sebkhas
  • Dizzy cliffs of the gorge
  • Amazing natural sculptures
  • Succession of stunning colors
  • Crossing an area of ​​ ocher barchans
  • Bivouac on a former combat zone, almost suspended above the canyon
  • Exceptional gueltas site

Departure:   Bedouin Camp
Length: 2 days/1 night
Period : January to December
  • if 2 participants: 190 € or 1900 dhs
  • if 4 participants: 125 € or 1250 dhs
  • both picnic lunches
  • barbecue in the evening
  • rent of full camping equipment

We love this 4x4 raid!

We drive for a while on a monotonous plateau, in a hostile and arid setting. Who would expect to suddenly find this diversity of landscapes? Here, a huge saline depression, there a beautiful desert of ocher barchan dunes, later a deep long gorge that seems never ending, and far upstream a cascade with several levels, with well curious rock formations.

Welcome to Khaoui Nam. Only ruins of the Polisario Front casemates testify to a most eventful past in the region. The location, often windy, offers however extraordinary landscapes, deep gorges, colorful waters, naturally sculptured rock walls. You are at the end of the world in an original and yet so little known natural site ... And better!

Between the dunes and the edge of the steep little canyon, we hesitate on the choice of the place of bivouac. We choose this time to set up a wild camp overlooking the guelta. After dipping feet in the saline water of the waterfall, the still high sun invites sunbathing, lying on one of the curious natural steps incrusted in the top of the gorge. A participant prefers to explore the abandoned fortifications. Another chose to discover the gorge of the waterfall, infinitesimal in the infinitely big. The latter has opted for a long walk on foot along the left bank to take advantage of different possible camera shots with the declining sun.

In the evening, sheltered from the wind by the first waterfall jump, we enjoyed a good tajine around a campfire near the water. The sky is studded and no one speaks, everyone's mind wandering his way to greatness and strangeness of the place.

The program of the second day is focused on wilderness! We have the choice between retrace our steps by taking the other side of the sebkha or direct us to the Tah sebkha, neglecting the hick town of El Hagounia. Our small group does not feel at ease to walk across the dunes of the inextricable Tah desert and prefer a softer and funny ride in the red dunes bordering the left bank of the Khaoui Nam sebkha. Whenever we take this route, we pass through a different path! We never go down from the top plate to the bottom of the depression in the same place ! We never cross the labyrinth of barchans along the same axis. Large room is left to the discovery, to the unexpected.

Back to Bedouin Camp’s for a long shower, that will be necessary to remove all the sand from your body and hair. We find back a little comfort, without having to reconnect with the stress of a city or the bustle of a busy tourist establishment. It is the right time to download pictures from the camera memory card which is probably already full!

Khaoui Nam will certainly be one of the highlights of your trip.

(*) Program given as an indication, arranged according to your preferences and local constraints