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Our master-word is 'flexibility'. We (Hors Circuit and the Bedouin Camp) do not organize excursions at specific dates or according to standard routes, but we adapt them to your wishes.

At home, today, you might well plan a three full-day trek, then once in the Sahara just prefer walking only in the morning to enjoy the tranquility of the place in the afternoon and relax. In contrast, in Europe you could think that short walks in the summer in the Sahara are more than reasonable and when you land in our camp, you will find that the climate is in fact cooler than expected and you might want to trek two full days with wild bivouac in the dunes. That's why we do prefer to just suggest ideas for hiking and then leave the flexibility to program activities on the premises in order to adapt to your state of fitness, to weather conditions or simply to your mood!

All hikes can be done alone or with one of our team members on hand to enjoy the better local knowledge and safety.