Take advantage of Royal Air Morocco cheap flights (50 €) from Casablanca or Agadir to our Camp and enjoy wild bivouac in the Sahara !

One night bivouac in the dunes

If our Bedouin Camp is well away from the hordes of tourists and set up deeply in the heart of the Sahara, it can be even more exhilarating and disconnecting to spend a night right in the middle of the dunes adjacent to our camp, which extend over twenty kilometers wide and two hundred kilometers long.

This mini adventure will be fully customized to your needs. Nevertheless, the general principle is to go wild camping in the afternoon (eg at 4 pm) : one of our 4x4 will allow you to reach the desert, there you could select a location of bivouac at the foot of any dune.

Our team will provide all necessary camping equipment, comprising a Decathlon tent and all the bedding required. That kind of tent is particularly better suited to be protected, if any, from wind, humidity and insects, unlike more traditional nomadic tents.

You do not want to worry about anything ? Or you wish to participate to the set-up of the wild camp? Up to you !

A good dinner is prepared (camel kebabs BBQ) and served around a campfire together with your favorite drinks. No local music as mass tourism would require it: the idea is to enjoy the silence of the desert and the vastness of the starry sky.

Do not miss to watch the sunset from the peak of a high dune!

On the next day, enjoy our Bedouin breakfast and then go back by 4x4 or on foot through the dunes to our camping in midmorning.

An unforgettable experience !