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Our visitors book

May 2013 : Un parame impressionant i una cuina inmillorable !! Gracies per la vostra hospitalitat. Koke i Claudia

April 2013 : Sehr gites essen und sehr freundlich. Kool + Adam

March 2013 : Hi Luc ! Thanks for your great hospitality during our stay. Sorry I didn't see you again and left dinner the first night without saying good night. I felt very rough and needed to lie down. It was just a strange fever I had and feel ok now.
See you soon I hope, your camp is remarkably good and service exceptional we shall update trip advisor with excellent reviews. Warm regards, James and Amy (

March 13, 2012: Fantastic stay! Luc, you have done a great job here. Keep up the good work. Also the food is really, really  good, excellent in fact. The camel tagine: fabulous. You got to try it: it's so good! We will be back hopefully. Loved it here.  Merv + Sarah Colton, Ireland (

February 13, 2012: Your Camp is a place of dreams and quiet. The authenticity  and the comfort make it a nice place to report around us. I will speak about it on my site Paul Brichet.
On the way back from  Dakhla, a beautiful stop which combines pleasure of the eyes (an esthetic place,  unfortunately rare elsewhere in Morocco), taste (good food) and sweetness of life. Uh, due to the clouds, I could just have a cold shower ... but it seems that it is good for the body! Genevieve Lyons.

Back to the Camp after a mechanical breakdown on the top of a dune !  Fortunately we had Luc’s phone number : he managed to organize a tow till the Camp by a local friend, Najim, and his ancestor Land Rover. While we were waiting for the tow truck,  we enjoyed a delicious turkey tagine with ginger and oranges! Well, that's the desert ... Paul and Genevieve.

January 24, 2012: Very pleased by the stop in your place. Warm welcome. The dinner was very good and friendly. Too bad we could not get to know Luc. Magical place, quiet, we would like to find more often. Good luck and see you next year. Evelyn and George Poirier.

January 17, 2012: Very good time spent here with Luc and his wife Hafida. Splendid location, warm welcome and superb, typical corner table. Good luck. Kisses to Haicham. Beauvallet, Gawain and Walter Fleury.

January 11, 2012: FABULOUS! By far our most beautiful stop. An extraordinary landscape, delicious food and a calm place! Thank you. Natasha and Kerim.

January 11, 2012: This has been our 3rd visit and we see great changes ahead. As Brit ex-pats living near Agadir (retired early), we fully expect to 'be back'. We wish Luke, his family and the rest of the team our best wishes for the future. I also represent a group of ex-pats and, with other friends, we have founded the 'Lotus Eaters'. We meet on every Wednesday  at the Coastline Hotel, in Aourir at 1 pm for drinks and chats: everyone is welcome. We hope to return in the not-so-distant future and if I can convince our buddies, they will follow. Gordon and Phyllis.

December 29, 2011: Adios cielo estrellado, tras haber pasado back maravillosos dias en este serenidad oasis. Imma y David

December 25, 2011: Excellent Essen von Morad. Ich komme wieder sicher. Norbert

December 20, 2011: Our second visit. Sorry we did not see you both. Merry Christmas and happy new year. Have a good 2012. Regards, Phyllis & Scotty (Agadir)

December 15, 2011: We came back with pleasure to taste the food. We have tasted three different menus and all are excellent. We especially liked the clean bathroom, friendly hospitality and service. Big kisses to Haicham.  Gérard and Marie-Claude Lescude.

November 27, 2011: Officers MINURSO congratulate the Bedouin Camp for its welcoming tea and bread. Goodbye.

November 25, 2011: Now here for the second time. A great environment. Good food. Peaceful.  Great hospitality and MOST of all fun! Thanks Luc, Hafida and the rest of the team.

November 15, 2011: Thanks for the great hospitality and the lovely food! You have a beautiful place here! John & Wendy (Amsterdam)

November 12, 2011: Super stop on the road to Mali. Good luck and see you soon seen. 5 "Mercedes"

? November 2011: A “must” stop on the road to Senegal. Typical and friendly. John.

31 October 2011: Morad is a charming fellow and a good cook. Bravo ! 18 years years old and such a maturity. Having passed several times we regretted not to meet Luc and his wife. The breakfast is plentiful and good, but the quality of tea and coffee should be improved. The Cotois, en route to Burkina Faso.

October 27, 2011: Despite the wind blowing and the cold shower after a cloudy day, our visit was warm and friendly.  Good meal. Perfect  service. Stop to be recommended. Jacques, Fanfan, Dominique and Christine

October 26, 2011: Stop a night under the stars: super!  The young servers are friendly. I ate the goat cheese. Excellent stay, too short unfortunately. Cheers, George (Port de Bouc, France)

October 10, 2011: This is my third visit to this charming place. Warm hospitality. Simplicity. And still comfortable. In short, all the ingredients for an unforgettable break. And what to say about the cooking which is worthy of the greatest palaces. Thanks to Luc, his wife and the kitchen team. Pietro (4 pure Swiss on trip to Niger)

August 29, 2011: Life is short and it is a shame. I like this part of Sahara. Julot.

? August 2011: We stopped here for one night before returning to Dakhla. We loved the hospitality, cleanliness and dinner. The boss (Luc)  was not there  but everything was really well done and with great smile. We left happy and relaxed despite the wind has blown a lot that night. Cheers, Nicolas and Amelia

August 22, 2011: After several days cycling on the road, to get in a place like this is great! Very welcoming. The camel tagine excellent. Thank you for everything, Etienne (Quebec, Canada)

August 13, 2011: After a good travelling day, a warm welcome, some good food à la mode Bedouin: what a happiness! Morad is nice and the best guide in the dunes. PS: Luc Tromme, we do not find you in the Rough Guide or in the Lonely Planet, it is another traveler we have met on the road that has guided us to your place! Xavier Pascal

August 9, 2011: One should not miss this stop. Everything is perfect and not to be missed. See you soon. Patrick Yaurange

? : Great kindness, good food and professionalism. Everything was all right. A. Agestini

? : Lots of smiles and kindness in a magical place. Flo

? : This is a magical and beautiful. With much environmental concern, which I also liked a lot. The welcome is friendly and efficient. Congratulations to Morad and Abdullah. Roger and Francoise (Belgium!)

July 31, 2011: A beautiful night under the stars (but safe!), a beautiful location, impeccable service with a smile. We come back in a few days. The Desautels family.

July 6, 2011: Good campsite, very welcoming. See you soon, the family Creusot

June 7, 2011: Super cool ... super nice ... A haven of peace. Great site, great walks ... Either by 4x4 or on foot. About the welcome ? great! Morad is super friendly and super professional. He anticipates everything and the result is great. And this is quite a rare thing ... This is not because the cat (Luc) is not in that the mice will play! Luc was not there and yet everything was fine. Thanks to the cooks: what flavors! Eat the chicken foie gras in the desert!  And the camel, bravo! It's magic, we'll necessarily be back because we regularly come to Sahara. Congratulations! Joëlle and Bernard.

May 26 2011: Liana and Denis ( found this place great. A very warm welcome, great food. We will be back soon !

8 May 2011: Nobody would have thought to find in the depths of the desert a warm welcome with a beautiful landscape. Your oasis of serenity is welcome to relax. We will come back. Nado and Len-Len (Sarthe) in TRM 2000

May 3, 2011: I love the little tents, comfortable, with a beautiful view by the window. Such a comfort in the middle of nowhere, this is one of the so rare paradises that I know. The kid (Morad) is adorable and responsible. Bravo for your courage to offer that all. I love you without knowing you. Marylène

May 3, 2011: Beautiful relaxing  stop in an enchanting site. Very nice place. We will recommend you. The “Casablancans-Sétois”

May 2, 2011: What a joy to find a so nice place in the middle of nowhere. We could not believe our eyes ! A superb address to be recommended, what we will do ! Thank you to this small team rehearsed and competent. The Radisson, from Casablanca!

April 26, 2011: When we love, we always come back! This is our second stay here. Still warm welcome. Delicious cuisine.  Magical place.  We will talk about you around us. Chantal and Bernard, Dordogne

April 26, 2011: Not bad... We could not believe it ! And so beautiful. See you.

April 26, 2011: 1st visit to this place. I regret that I have not stopped earlier in this magical place. Very warm welcome, exceptional cooking ... Address to be recommended.

April 26, 2011: 1st visit. Magical day and night. Reception, restaurant ... : nothing wrong. Thank you.

April 26, 2011: Superb. See you soon. Francis.

April 23, 2011: Good hostel, well designed and maintained. Friendly welcome. Keep it up! JP Carcassone and P. Ajaccio

April 20, 2011: Excellent and  warm spot. The place is beautiful and relaxing. The camel tagine with dates is delicious. Chantal and Bernard Lanoux

April 18, 2011: Very welcoming, excellent food, quiet night. A very nice campground. Evelyne and Bernard

April 7, 2011: Even though the wind that was floating on the canvas created some futile anxiety, the splendor of sunrise and blue opal sky in the infinity of the desert quickly reassured us about the beauty of this extraordinary little corner of lost paradise. Wonderful hospitality and delicious ‘cuisine’ in a clean environment. Bernard and Maria Paule

April 2, 2011: What a joy to come back here after two years. Too bad we ate alone. The camel with dates is excellent, the reception and also the scenery is beautiful. Tomorrow, large walk in this strange place. See you next time. Adeline and Claude, from Lyon

March 15, 2011: It was very good! Beautiful place, well managed, good tent, excellent food and breakfast. And above all, great hosts ! Thank you very much and good luck to Bedouin Camp. Vincent Motel, from Grenoble

March 10, 2011: Super! The place is well chosen and the tents are pretty. We ate well and it was very good. Akiko

March 4, 2011: A great place! Do not change anything  to this beautiful place. And this morning, no more wind! Thanks to all of you for your warm welcome. The picnic is absolutely to be recommended. Marline and Guy of Nantes

February 25, 2011: A very nice place to recommend and see! Caroline, en route to Mali

February 25, 2011: It was very good, really good ! The gentlemen here are very nice. The meal was very good. Julien Georges, 8 years

February 22, 2011: The magical beauty of the landscape, the vast desert site, a myriad of stars that give the impression of shining just for us, the kindness of Morad, Said and Youssef, and tasty food. We are leaving this wonderful place with regrets ... Joel and Nadia

February 21, 2011: Thank you for this wonderful stop. The young people are great, all smiling. Bravo. Claudette and François

February 19, 2011: Youssef, Said, Morad  are great, always at your service and nice. Ten days of convalescence required  to stay long in your camp after our journey by truck but they were a pure pleasure, in addition to the pleasure of the mouth, the pleasure of the site and its daily silence. Thank you again to this team for the few days spent here with them and especially Youssef for his kindness.

February 15, 2011: We loved the place when the previous Luc and Martine were running the camping, and still love it with now Luc and Hafida. Please keep on ! Roger

February 13, 2011: O time, suspend your flight! Green stop, serene ... Do not change anything!  And moreover you can get great food here ! John and Odile

February 10, 2011: In your campsite for the second time ! And we enjoyed it even much more ! The food is excellent, a rare pleasure ... This is great. We will come back with our 4x4. For us, no need for plenty of water, or an electrical connection! We are here deep in the nature and closer to it than any other place! See you soon. Do not change anything. Ted and Anne-Marie

February 9, 2011: A favorite and unforgettable place. We leave with regret but more serene. It is sure: we will come back and we'll talk about you. Thank you for the welcome and the kitchen. Cosette and Christian

February 7, 2011: Even after the change of ownership, we were very pleased by the warm welcome, smile and friendliness of the staff. Guy

February 7, 2011: Very good reception staff, very friendly and smiling. Thank you for everything. Alain and Genevieve

February 4, 2011: The stars fell  from the heaven into the plates ! It was a great meal in a wonderful place full of silence and beauty. Mimi, from Liège

February 4, 2011: A magical place. Magic moment. An incomparable feeling of eternity. Here was our best stop ! We will come back. Who is the poet that said: "In the 20th century, the greatest luxury will be silence and space." Thank you for this incredible luxury, thank you for this infinite silence, thank you for this infinite space. Robert

January 29, 2011: We spent two wonderful days here in this camp. But the food was a bit disappointing.

January 22, 2011: A first stay for us, on the road to the south. A beautiful place, we'll come back .... Thank you, Michele and Pierre de Marseille

January 22, 2011: As we are addicted to beautiful places, we always come back to them. We have enjoyed the changes and improvements you have made. A great team ! The site is still a delight and the adaptation of the camping to the site is a success. Congratulations and thank you

January 21, 2011: We had a great meal! Thank you so much for the tagine and the cheese. Off to Boujdour now, eventually to Bamako. Next time we are in Morocco, we will visit again! Clint, + the others of the Budapest-Bamako teams (USA, Canada, UK)

January 18, 2011: Von Tarfaya Dunen zu durch die diesem wunderschönen Camping und sehr gepflegt freundliche Gastgeber. Hans

January 16, 2011: The Luc has changed but the place not! This is our third passage. Always with great kindness. Kisses, Jean-Jacques (Drome)

January 16, 2011: Our last time here was in March 2010. And now a new team ! ... Friendly service, good food. See you next time,  Alain and Dominique (Isère)

January 8, 2011: A very good evening, a very warm welcome, an exceptional site. Disconnecting!  Bravo! I want to come back and soon ...