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Join our Bedouin camp through the Canary Islands

Why not combining a stay at the Bedouin Camp in the Western Sahara (Morocco) with a holiday in the Canary Islands?

From most Western big cities, it is easy to find flights to Gran Canaria, Las Palmas airport, (often with a stopover in Barcelon and Madrid). Air Europa and Vueling are competitive from Paris. Otherwise use Iberia.

And from the Canary Islands, the local company Binter Canarias ( about 100 € one way) provides flights from Las Palmas to Laayoune. After 45 minutes, you are in Morocco, and half an hour later, in our Bedouin Camp!

You could also go to the Bedouin Camp via the Canaries (with a relaxing stay in the islands) and the return with Royal Air Morocco through Casablanca.