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Our Camp rules

Our Camp rules  have been established on the basis of an experience of 10 years. Their aim is to ensure smooth functioning of the Camp at any time, well-being,  respect of other campers and consideration for those who maintain that Camp activity away from modern infrastructure! Thank you for your understanding.


Bedouin tents and rooms are allotted first to those who have booked in advance. Your reservation is guaranteed until 16:00, unless agreed differently with the Camp manager.


A police form must be completed and returned at the latest during dinner.

The passport may be required by management and returned upon departure.

Bar and restaurant

The restaurant-bar is open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Early or late breakfasts and dinners can be served if previously agreed upon with the Camp manager.

Our bar drinks can be taken away.

The use of the tent restaurant-bar is strictly restricted to consumers.

It is not permitted to bring your own food and drinks inside, otherwise a lump sum of 10 € or 100 dhs per person will be charged.


In the bathroom :

Minimal lighting is provided throughout the night for your convenience.

It is forbidden to modify or tinker the electrical installations of the Camp. Any offender will be prosecuted.

For motorhomes :

Our infrastructure does now allow to provide an electrical connection in various areas of the camping. Just ask at the reception for being connected and about the price.

For mobile Phones :

We can recharge your mobile phone at any time in our kitchen.

For computers :

They can be recharged in our kitchen only in the evening, when the generator is switched on.


Running water is slightly salty and therefore unfit for human consumption, but is perfect for showers, washing-up and laundry.
Cold water is available at any time and without limitation.

Hot water is available from 16:00. It is not guaranteed as dependent on both climate and moderate use by everyone. For this reason, it is not payable in addition. The water becomes cold in the morning.

Fresh water

Fresh drinking water is available in pitchers in the bathroom to wash your teeth.

We can now provide fresh water to fill your tanks, despite the difficulty and remoteness of our supply. Please ask the reception to get access to it and about the price.

Washing up and laundry

Please use the two sinks that are located outside, on the left side of the toilets.

It is forbidden to wash your dishes or your laundry inside the bathroom.

Please do not throw soapy water in the toilet : that may damage our septic tanks.

It is not allowed to install your camping material in the bathroom without prior permission.

Portable toilet

The septic tank to empty your portable toilet is located outside, between the bathroom and the guestroom. Better to ask the assistance of a member of our team. The tap just behind delivers salty water.

It is forbidden to empty your portable toilet in the bathroom.


Large black bins are available throughout the site.

Thank you for not leaving huge amounts of trash with us ! We will have to sort your waste, burn what can be and take up the rest to Laayoune!

You can give us your edible waste :  our goats will appreciate fruit peels and vegetables, dry bread, leftover rice and pasta, etc.


Please place your order before 18:00 to ensure fast service.


Payment of all services must be made no later than 10:00 p.m., including breakfast.

Our Camp only accepts cash payments in euros or dirhams.


Silence is required from 10:30 p.m. to respect the sleep of others.


Your breakfast must be ordered (and paid for) the night before.


An additional night is brought into account for any departure after 12.00 am.


Children up to 7 years :  -50%

Groups of min 10  (paying) adults: -5% on all services, subject to (1) prior booking, (2) unique menu, (3) single global payment

Organizers: free overnight camping, subject to prior booking (other services have to be paid).

Access to the depression

You are informed that the trail starting from the Camp and leading inside the depression to Mount Gara and the salt lake can be a tricky quagmire for reckless and ill equipped drivers. We strongly discourage the use of that 4x4 track. Any requirement to the Camp to provide for assistance will therefore be charged at the price shown on our price list.