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 The Camp Bédouin is a Hors Circuit product .

The origin of Hors Circuit

At 20 years old, Luc decides not to finish his university studies (he eventually will later) in order not to get caught immediately by a professional career and to have the chance to try a great trip alone and by bicycle. This will be South America, and especially Brazil, a one-year journey during which he will write a small magazine about his adventures aimed at a hundred supporters. The still existing "Hors Circuit Magazine" is then born. The expression "Hors Circuit" perfectly reflects, according to him, his escape from the normal curriculum. At that time, the magazine is a simple manuscript made of hand-written, black and white sheets.

At 30, he did it again, then with his first wife Astrid and with backpacks. Another one year tour, throughout Asia. He sends his Hors Circuit magazine to a list of subscribers, this time written with a typewriter.

At age 40, with his second wife Rachel and child Jordan, he bought a Land Rover Defender 130 with a removable cell and spent a year and a half travelling in different corners of the globe, including a long circuit in West Africa. The Hors Circuit magazine is then a more sophisticated Word file with more color pictures, but still sent by post. At the end of an austere trip through the desert of Mauritania, he stops with his family at the first accommodation held by a European in the extreme south of Morocco, just to perk up. He sleeps in a caïdal tent in the Camping Le Roi Bédouin (today our camping Le Camp Bédouin !) held by two Belgians like himself : Luc, like him, and Martine. He is fascinated by the immense view over the salt lake from the window of the tent and hopes to be back one day for a longer stay, to read or to write a book ...

This trip marks the beginning of a strong desire to change his professional career and to try to live out of his passions, such as travel, nature, cooking, etc. But to do what exactly and how ? This is the time of the Internet bubble and he starts to envy those who manage to make a fortune thanks to a computer.

Desperately looking for a new activity, he is encouraged by friends to organize adventure weekends for ten participants and in Europe. It will be a total success and repeated three times. But there was still a long way to go until he could live out of it !

4x4 circuits by Hors Circuit in southern Morocco

Inspired by those wilderness weekends, Luc tries to organize a longer adventure trip, abroad. His address book is very thin, but he managed to realize a twelve-day trip in the south of Morocco for four participants under the form of a "challenge". The adventure will be memorable for everyone!

When in 2005 Luc decides to offer 4x4 tours in Southern Morocco from  a local basis (in Taroudant, a quiet little town that has attracted him), the undertaking seems little promising. With the help of his old Land Rover with which he travelled throughout West Africa a few years earlier, he concocts some basic circuits, develops a website and buys another used Land Rover. Luc then gives himself three years to complete his radical change of life, from all points of view. Meanwhile, he stumbles across the village Afensou during a walk north of Taroudant ...

The guesthouse Les Terrasses de l’Atlas, north of Taroudant in the High Atlas

His visit to the Berber inhabitants of a house overlooking the perennial source of Afensou and gardens of the mountain oasis will be decisive. Immediately attracted, he will transform it into a kind of cottage. He has always dreamed of living in the Swiss Valais, in a chalet facing peaks over 3000 m. He eventually  settled in the High Atlas, in the Berber country, with peaks of up to 3500 m. He has also often dreamed of having palm and banana trees in his garden, something rather difficult in Switzerland, and eventually accedes quickly to this ideal when settling in the south of Morocco !

Abdullah soon became the only trustworthy person in the village to take on the role of guardian and mason. He is the father of six children, one named Hafida ...

When visiting Luc,  friends or family members all show to be very pleased with this simple but  charming and idyllic house. Which is going to be gradually transformed into a Berber guest house, enriching Luc’s offer. The accommodation does really fit to the “out of the beaten tracks’ positioning of the company.

Whereas the number of Luc’s friends and family members who want to come for a circuit to Morocco and encourage him starts to dramatically decrease, the quality work done on the Hors Circuit website will ensure a smooth transition to the tourism market. The modest increase in turnover in the first years then becomes exponential, despite the economic crisis and climatic troubles.

After she has saved his life twice within a single day, Luc will marry Hafida, who was then still only 20 years old. They will give life to a charming Haïcham, a Belgian-Berber baby boy!

Converted to Islam by legal obligation, Luc lives permanently in the High Atlas where he organizes its business, develops his team, buys two new  4x4 cars, continues to develop his guest house and begins to organize day excursions for tourists staying in Agadir or Taroudant. Despite setbacks due to incompetence within the administrations and unreliability among staff.

His favorite circuit offer is the one entitled "Wonders of Western Sahara", in which the most southern accommodation is ... the Camping Le Roi Bédouin of Luc and Martine near Laâyoune.

The Camp Bédouin in Western Sahara

Luc began dreaming up this time of a bivouac in the desert. A lovely oasis located at the foot of the mountains M'Douar on the way to Erg Chegaga gave him the envy, knowing that at the administrative level, this project is almost inconceivable for a European, except to leave his last breath!

By pure coincidence,  the rumor reaches him that Luc and Martine desperately want to sell their campsite to retire after ten years of faithful service. They have to find a man just as crazy as they to engage in such an activity in such a desert and remote place. Luc understands that is his destiny and a perfectly complementary business.

Despite bad business conditions due to the drop in tourism in Mauritania (travelers heading to West Africa willingly stopping at Camping Le Roi Bédouin) and poor administrative conditions, Luc sticks to his idea and goes to Laayoune to begin the takeover process. This happens precisely during the week of violent riots shaking for the first time the city of Laayoune! Luc will have to escape from the city center right in the beginning of hostilities and on the next day will be suspected by local authorities and arrested during four hours in the police headquarters. You will not believe it but he will nevertheless give his agreement to acquire the camping site, which will be renamed 'Camp Bédouin'. Meanwhile in Laayoune, calm has returned very logically and very likely for a long time.

Hors Circuit now has exclusive accommodation in the High Atlas Mountains, an original camp in Western Sahara, and several  4x4 cars allowing the link between both places or to travel out of the beaten tracks in the whole southern Morocco. There  might be some logic to this madness !

The Hors Circuit magazine is perpetuated in the form of a computer file with many pictures, edited on the website and sent via an internet agency by email to nearly 500 subscribers, friends, former and future clients.