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Hors Circuit began its activities in Morocco in 2005 by organizing customized tours throughout southern Morocco. Today, more than ever, we take our customers away from the beaten track and crowds aboard our 4x4 specially designed for large raids on mountain trails or in the deep desert.

95% of our tours are arranged according to the wishes of customers, both in terms of dates, cities of departure and arrival, route, type of accommodation and activities. They are “exclusive”, that is to say, without another client on board or in convoy, guaranteeing flexibility and total peace.

If the 4x4 are mainly used for transportation and assistance, each circuit can have a different vocation: hiking, meet the locals, visit the most famous sites or otherwise the wildest ones, exploration, trekking, mountain biking, camel,. .. or simply relax. In general, you want a subtle mix of all!

Accommodation can go from luxury to simple inn or homestay, depending on expectations and budget of our client. Hors Circuit  particularly appreciate the wild bivouac, which allows you to fully immerse in nature and away from crowded places : we organize camps in tents, in total autonomy, according to the degree of comfort you want, with always good food and your favorite drinks. We then use our pickups, the only capable ones to carry a few cubic meters of material, in addition to your own luggage.

Far from the stressing imperial cities, the crowded dunes of Erg Chebbi near Merzouga, the paved gorges of Dades and Toghra, we prefer to focus on pure wonders of nature and of man : let’s give as examples the erg Chegaga between Mhamid and Foum Zguid, the gorges and agadirs of the Anti-Atlas between Foum El Hasn and Tafraoute, the White Beach and its ancient forts between Guelmim and Tan-Tan, the Berber high valleys of the Western High Atlas north of Taroudant, the slopes of Jebel Siroua north of Taliouine and Tazenakht, the desert and saline depressions of the wild Western Sahara between Tan-Tan and Laayoune.

Visit our web site www.horscircuit.fr and then entrust us with your plans to travel to Morocco, specifying as many aspects as possible: we submit then one (or more) proposal with the aim to stick better to your wishes.