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Our contact details
Trade name

Le Camp Bédouin

Luc & Hafida


Phone, email, website

Phone :

- Luc's mobile phone : 00 212 (0) 661 09 06 04

Emails :




Websites :

- website of The Camp Bedouin :

- website of Hors Circuit :


GPS coordinates:

Camp : N 27°27,71'' / W 13°3,11'' or N 27.461802 / W 13.051791

Intersection between main road and access track: turn east (ie right coming from Tarfaya or left from Laâyoune) under N 27°26,42'' /
W 13°01,38'' . At night, fluorescent signals will guide you to the Camp.

Intersection on the track close to the entrance of the Camp: turn north (ie right coming fromm the road or left from the dunes) at point N 27°27,42'' /
W 13°03,09''.

Kilometric coordinates:

- 600 kms from Agadir,
575 kms from Dakhla, 850 kms from the border with Mauritania

- located between Tarfaya in the north (65 km) and Laâyoune in the south (35 kms)

- Coming from Tarfaya, between milepost "35 Km Laayoune" and milepost  "225 Km

- Coming from Laayoune, between milepost  "65 Km Tarfaya" and milepost "401 Km Guelmim"

Driving time : (including short breaks for refueling and snack)

- from Tan-Tan, 3 hours

- from Agadir, 8 hours

- from Marrakech (highway to Agadir) : 11 hours

- from Dakhla : possible in 6 hours but count on the whole day

- from the border with Mauritania : it should be possible in one day if you wake up early, but better to stop overnight in Dakhla


- Coming from Tarfaya, pass the village of Tah, then pass the village of Daoura, let the big antenna on your left, locate the white signboard of the Camp on your right, exit at this point the paved road to take the vehicle track (which is 4.5 km long till the Camp). Continue straight on the main track between many white tags. After 4 km, another white signboard of the Camp indicates to turn right to reach the entrance of the camp: do not continue on the two tracks in front of you leading on an elevated plateau and the dunes!

- Coming from Laayoune, after driving thirty kilometers, wait until you can see the second group of antennas on your way. The white signboard of the Camp on your left indicating the start of the access road to the Camp is located just before the antennas. If you arrive at the village of Daoura, you are too far, turn around. Then refer to the details contained in the previous paragraph ('coming from Tarfaya') for the description of the access track.

Legal coordinates

Owner: Sté Ndeke sàrl

Shareholder and manager: Luc Tromme

Legal name of the Camp: Camping Le Roi Bédouin

Address: Douar Daoura

Mailing address: Sté Ndeke sàrl, Camping Le Roi Bédouin, BP 830, 70005 Laayoune, Morocco

Opening days and hours

Open 365 days and round the clock !

Dinner can be served till 10 p.m. (even after !), breakfasts from 6 a.m. (even before !), bar and snacks are available at any hour of the day.